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Professional Practice as a Registered/Licensed Architect

Applicants for registration as an APEC Architect must satisfy the home economy Monitoring Committee that they have completed a minimum period of professional practice of 7 years; after initial registration/licensure as an architect in any participating economy. This experience must be gained in all of the following categories of architectural practice:

  • Preliminary studies and preparation of brief
  • Design
  • Contract Documentation
  • Administration

At least 3 years of that period must have been undertaken as an architect:

  • with sole professional responsibility for the design, documentation and contract administration of buildings of moderate complexity;
  • OR in collaboration with other architects, as an architect in charge of and professionally responsible for a significant aspect of the design, documentation and/or contract administration of complex buildings.

Practice Jurisdiction

Professional practice that satisfies the above requirements undertaken in any economy may be accepted by the relevant Monitoring Committee.

Currency of Practice

To ensure competence, APEC Architect candidates who have not practised in a position of professional responsibility within the preceding two years are subject to a requirement to undertake a program of professional development or fulfil other prescribed conditions to be admitted to the APEC Architect Register.

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