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Architectural Education

Educational Benchmark Statement

Education as an architect shall comprise at least four years of full time study. The education must be of university level, with architecture the principal component. It must maintain a balance between theoretical and practical aspects of architectural training and lead to the acquisition of the skills and knowledge necessary to underpin the required competence of an APEC Architect. Structured experiential learning, determined by the regulatory authority economy to be the equivalent of full-time architectural study as described above, would also satisfy the APEC Architect education requirements.

Common Elements of Architectural Education Programs

The core subject areas in an accredited/recognised program of architectural education are:

  • Design, as the predominant subject category
  • Technology and Environmental Science
  • Social, Cultural & Environmental Studies, and
  • Professional Studies.

Other subject areas within architectural educational programs may include:

  • Related Studies
  • General Education.
Accreditation / Recognition Procedure for Educational Programs in Architecture

Processes incorporating the following principles of good governance will satisfy the accreditation/ recognition criteria for educational programs for an APEC Architect.

The accrediting/recognising body should:

  • have authority and, where appropriate, legal status and be transparent, independent and publicly accountable.
  • have a structured process for the approval of qualifications and compliance with agreed standards.

The Central Council agrees to respect the accreditation/recognition procedures of each participating economy.

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