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Maintaining APEC Architect Registration

APEC Architect registration is to be renewed on payment of an administration fee to a Monitoring Committee at intervals no greater than two years. Registration details are to be reviewed and renewed on application to practise in a host economy.

Renewal of registration is subject to compliance with home economy regulatory authority or Monitoring Committee requirements to undertake programs of continuing professional development, or fulfil other tests of current competence. The Monitoring Committee may impose conditions on architects who have not practised in a position of professional responsibility during the preceding two years.

The registration of an APEC Architect will be cancelled if the architect ceases to be registered /licensed in the designated home economy. The registration of APEC Architects found , subject to due process, to be in breach of the code of professional conduct of either their home economy, or a host economy, might also may be suspended by their home economy Monitoring Committee.

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